Monday, February 26, 2007

Ronaldinho vs Zidane

Video showing of the skills of Zidane and Ronaldinho side by side:

Joe Hewitt Firebug power user demo

A video of Joe Hewitt presenting some of the more advanced features of firebug at Yahoo.

Ethical Homes

Links to articles about creating "ethical" (green sustainable) homes:

Mac OSX Icons

A bunch of articles, blog entries and bits of software for making Icons for OSX:

Creating folder icons in Photoshop:

More Photoshop icon:

Random tools:

Convert img files to icon files:

Easily setup icons:

Green Vehicle Guide

The Green Vehicle Guide: Ratings for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and more:

Thursday, February 22, 2007


A(nother) AJAX task management tool. I like the very simplistic interface, and no sign up required.

Flippin' Flapjacks: The Thurop Van Orman Interview

From Frederator:

I love the artwork. The whale is great!

Florence Knoll interior design sketch of Hans Knoll's office,

From "Treasures from the archives of American art":

Florence Knoll interior design sketch:

Braving the wrath of latte man

AUTHOR and journalist Nick Cohen should be a darling of the Left. He regularly contributes to the New Statesman and The Observer in Britain and made a name for himself as a longstanding critic from the Left attacking Tony Blair's triumph of style over substance...

What's Left? How Liberals Lost Their Way, which denounces as moral bankruptcy the tendency of some in the liberal-Left to end up as apologists for fascist governments and movements. Cohen's ambition is to show how the Left of the 20th century ended up supporting the far Right of the 21st century,20867,21237861-28737,00.html

Designing Shutdown

From Moishe Lettvihs personal blog, Arnos personal blog:

First Moishe Lettvih talks about the process involved in designing and implmenting the shutdown menu in Windows Vista. Be amazed at the source code tree.

Then Arno talks about the implementation in Mac OSX

Reach for the skies

From The Guardian:

is celebrated as one of Europe's finest cultural treasures, but until
recently we knew little about its heritage. Robert Hughes on how a
group of architects - in particular Gaudí - created a uniquely Catalan
city that combined the myths of a glorious past with progress and

Three Hypotheses of Human Interface Design

From Tanteks blog:
"a few rules of human interface design that I'm fairly certain I came up with"